Thursday, February 25, 2016

Book Two: Who was Augustine?

And I became onto myself a wasteland. ~Augustine

A U G U S T I N E:

"Born and reared in Thagaste, northern Africa, Augustine was afforded a good education. Augustine’s father, Patricius, was a pagan. His mother, Monica, was a believer who passionately prayed for the salvation of her son. At seventeen Augustine moved to Carthage to continue his schooling. There he pursued a life of sexual immorality, eventually living for thirteen years with a woman who gave birth to their son, Adeodatus. All the while Monica interceded for her wayward son." ~CBN 

Am I the only one who wonders what happened to the woman and Augustine's son? 

Augustine is seen in BOOK TWO as an undisciplined youth as follows:

BOOK TWO Chapters 1 - 10) AUGUSTINE concentrates here on his sixteenth year, a year of idleness, lust, and adolescent mischief. The memory of stealing some pears prompts a deep probing of the motives and aims of sinful acts. "I became to myself a wasteland." CHAPTER I 1. I wish now to review in memory my past wickedness and the carnal corruptions of my soul -- not because I still love them, but that I may love thee, O my God. For love of thy love I do this, recalling in the bitterness of self-examination my wicked ways, that thou mayest grow sweet to me, thou sweetness without deception! And I became to myself a wasteland. THE CONFESSIONS OF AUGUSTINE

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